An Interview With Felix Wunderlich, Founder of The PenPal Website

Nowadays, with instant messaging and social media likes and unlikes, communication with others has never been simpler or quicker.

But have we lost something along the way?

Read more: An Interview With Felix Wunderlich, Founder of The PenPal Website

Having someone write a postcard to you and put their thoughts into words means that that person took the time and effort – just for you.

It’s an appreciation for the recipient, and this is something that has been largely lost in recent years. 

That’s why Felix Wunderlich founded the company, PenPal.

He Kindly took the time to chat with me about PenPal and what it’s all about.

Hi Felix, Can you tell me What PenPal is?

Above all, PenPal is a platform for thoughtful communication, where people can connect and share exciting stories and passions with new friends to build lasting relationships. 

You match with like-minded members worldwide and communicate through personalized postcards and direct messages with each other.

Writing an actual card fosters genuine communication, and people can slow down from the daily pace of life.

That sounds interesting; everyone likes to make new like-minded friends, so how does Pen Pal work?

Sign up on (app coming soon), pick a username, and create a profile. Based on your information and filter settings, our algorithm suggests members you’re most likely to get along with. So get specific with what you’re looking for!

Next, you either reach out directly to a member by sending them a postcard or send a friend request first and see if you match. All the postcards on PenPal are created online but are then printed and sent worldwide to be kept as keepsakes.

That said, your postal address will never be revealed to anyone. That’s because all cards are printed and delivered by us, with addresses hidden securely behind your username. 

For PenPal to work best, you should make the first move and send a card. The more cards you send, the more you will receive.

I like the safety aspect of this. I covered the difficulties of staying safe in The Top 5 Safety Tips for Pen Pals. So how did you come up with the idea of PenPal?

People are getting tired of social media, feeds clutter, and endless scrolling. Instant messages become exhausting, and connections aren’t real anymore.

This ultimately leaves people isolated and lonely. I believe in long term relationships, that are supportive and genuine. Honest communication is key.

When you write a card, you write differently than how you would write on online chats or social media. Your conversations are more thought-out and meaningful.

People need to make an effort. By opening up, you have the opportunity to create a strong bond with another person. And a genuine relationship is a powerful thing.

I agree that modern life can be hectic with all the different social media, so who is PenPal made for?

Anyone who is searching for a genuine friend near or far, learning a new language, or getting to know other cultures.

The pandemic has left many people isolated and lonely. Having a pen pal brightens your day and helps members feel connected.

Being close but not close also has the potential for honest conversations, where it’s easier to open up to a stranger who might one day become a lifelong friend.

We also have many users with unique interests who match with like-minded members to talk and learn about their experiences.

We have around 400 interests which people can add to get specific about what they like.

Recently, a member shared with us that she and her pal are both rescuing animals from the streets. Together, they discuss how to improve the current situation.#

It’s rewarding to see that what we are creating at PenPal has a real impact on people’s lives. But it can also be the simple joy of surprise mail in the postbox that for once, isn’t bills.

It’s a way of decelerating our busy lives and reflecting on our week together with a friend. And compared to social media, this can be refreshing.

Thanks, Felix. I think PenPal is a great idea, and it is refreshing to see someone upholding the lost art of writing through a modern-day platform that helps people connect and stay safe.

Visit The PenPal website to see for yourself. I am certainly going to give it a try.

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